Mayo researchers find that obesity-related biological factors can influence clinical outcome in colon cancer

March 15th, 2010 by tanya Leave a reply »

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic campus in Minnesota have found that obesity is associated with worse outcomes in patients who have already been diagnosed and treated for the cancer.

Their data also showed that depending on a patient’s gender, varying levels of obesity were associated with an increased risk of death ranging from 19 percent to 35 percent, compared to non-obese patients.

“We found that obesity is associated with more aggressive colon cancers, with the effect being stronger in men than in women,” says the study’s lead author, Frank Sinicrope, M.D., a Mayo Clinic medical oncologist. “Our data suggest that a little extra weight is okay, but body weight in the obesity range puts a patient at increased risk for cancer recurrence and spread and, based upon other studies, also would be expected to increase the risk of precancerous colon polyps and a second colon cancer.”

to read more on this study go here: Mayo Clinic News Feed



  1. Jimmy Cruz says:

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